Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Our week in Nursery

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about growth and changes!

We spent our morning planting seeds, and will be looking at them every day to see how they grow!

We are growing Nasturtiums, which are gorgeous once they have sprouted. 

Samantha told us all about how the sunshine makes plants grow, and Dexter said that plants need the soil because that's where they live.

We have also continued decorating some underpants for our new reading area! The children have loved getting involved with our classroom decoration.

Check out some of the other fab learning we've been doing!

Ellie-Mae rolled the dice and counted out how many people she would need to match the number! She was very proud of her fab maths!

Saleh used his fine motor skills to make a cube using the foam squares. He filled it with objects and let people choose an object from his cube!

Dexter used the Play-Do to cook some biscuits for the class, and then smooshed them to make bigger ones!

Daniel used the flow of water down the pipe to help the whale get back into our water tray!

Max rolled the die and helped the class count out the number!

Darween used a pen on the whiteboard to practice writing the 't' letter sound!

Anya and Liya made buns using the play-do. Anya told us we could have the biggest one!                                                          Isabel threaded the string through the holes on the bear!

 With learning this brilliant, is it any wonder we end the day so tired?