Monday, 10 July 2017

Nursery's fantastic mark making (And other bits and bobs)

 We have been playing with the parachute this week, and Nursery have really enjoyed it! We have passed a ball around, working together to keep it moving; and have played Shark Attack. Look at all those smiling faces!

 Finley did some fantastic roleplay in the dinosaur world!
 Soran worked hard to build a sandcastle!
 Aziz painted a gorgeous flower!
 Francesca held her pen beautifully and created an amazing picture!
 Lamis solved the puzzle!
 Eman followed the lines on the page to create letter sounds!
 We went outside to practice our gross motor skills! We took the chalk and got going!

 Doesnt our playground look much better with all our drawings on it!

 These towers definitely get a thumbs up from me, too!
Reports have gone out today so your child will receive theirs when they attend.

Thats all from us,
Mr Cockburn, Mrs Coward and Mrs Dyson